Feb. 13, 2024

Harrisburg – Today, Rep. Jake Banta (R-Erie) release a statement announcing 24 fire and emergency medical services (EMS) companies in the 4th Legislative District will receive nearly $360,000 in in state grants through the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program.

The grants were announced by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) within the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). The ongoing funding program was created by the General Assembly.

“I am beyond grateful for our first responders and the continual sacrifices they make for our community.” Banta said, “I am glad to see this funding go to our local fire and EMS services to allow them to better serve and protect Erie County.”

The following list includes all the local fire and EMS companies in the 4th District and the funding from these grants:

• AF Dobler Hose Ladder Fire - $13,645.11.
• AF Dobler Hose Ladder EMS - $15,000.
• Central Erie County Paramedic Association Inc. - $15,000.
• City of Corry Fire Department - $14,228.68.
• Corry Regional Fire Company DBA Stanford Hose Company, DBA Columbus Volunteer Fire Department - $27,423.
• Crescent Hose Company - $13,061.55.
• Crescent Hose Company EMS - $15,000.00
• Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department EMS - $15,000.
• Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department - $16,173.90.
• Elgin Beaver Dam Hose Company - $13,645.11.
• Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department - $13,450.59.
• Fuller Hose Company No. 1 - $14,228.68.
• Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company - $13,645.11
• Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company EMS - $15,000.
• Lake City Fire Company - $13,839.63.
• Lake City Fire Company EMS - $15,000.
• Platea Volunteer Fire Company Inc. - $13,256.07
• Stancliff Hose Company EMS - $15,000.
• Stancliff Hose Company - $13,645.11.
• Union City Volunteer Fire Department - $14,228.68.
• Union City Volunteer Fire Department EMS - $15,000.
• Wattsburg Hose Company - $11,140.
• Wattsburg Hose Company EMS - $15,000.
• West County Paramedic Association - $15,000.

Please note, Crescent Hose Company EMS was not mentioned in the original release.

The OSFC manages financial assistance programs for the state’s fire, ambulance and rescue organizations intended to improve and enhance their abilities to provide firefighting, ambulance and rescue services. To receive their grants and retain eligibility for the program, fire and ambulance companies’ paperwork must be submitted to the OSFC by the end of May.

Representative Jake Banta
4th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tim Craine 717.609.7331