Banta Disappointed in House Democrats’ Constant Failure in Protecting PA Elections
HARRISBURG –Rep. Jake Banta (R-Erie) released the following statement condemning House Democrats' latest disenfranchisement of Pennsylvania voters by blocking an amendment to bring expanded voter identification law to the Commonwealth. 

In a House State Government Committee meeting, Banta offered an amendment to House Bill 2473, which would align Pennsylvania’s election procedures with the requirements of the federal Electoral Count Reform Act passed by Congress in 2022. Banta’s amendment would have ensured the Secretary of the Commonwealth could not certify the result of any election unless all voters were required to provide a form of identification prior to casting their vote. 

“My amendment is a simple measure we can take to ensure elections across the Commonwealth are being conducted in good faith. We show identification in every aspect of our lives, from boarding an airplane to applying for government documentation. Confirming one’s identity is an essential part of our lives.

“If House Bill 2473 is intended to ensure election finality, an amendment requiring identification is a necessity to truly complete the bill. This is a missed opportunity to achieve commonsense, bipartisan election reform for the security of all parties.

“Thirty-six states across the country currently require some form of identification. At a time in which Pennsylvanians have a shaken faith in our electoral system, Democrats should support any measure which aims to support more secure elections.

“A voter ID requirement is simply a commonsense approach to ensure elections across our state stay secure. It’s a measure supported by Americans and Pennsylvanians. According to Pew Research Center (2024), more than 4 in 5 Americans (81%) support requiring voters to show photo identification to cast a vote.

“With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, Pennsylvania’s Democrats are standing in the way of finally delivering a fair and secure contest. The world’s eyes will be upon our Commonwealth. Enacting voter ID laws is the only way to ensure we get our results right.”

Representative Jake Banta
4th Legislative District 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives